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Rules & Regulation

General Rrules For Maintanance of Disipline and Academic Atmosphere Among Students

The College is managed by a Governing Body constituted by the Govt. Of Assam as per provisions of Assam Non-Government College Management Rules, 2012.

Following are the Honourable Office Bearers and Members of the Governing Body -

  1. The Students will have to abide by College rules and regulations.
  2. Violation of College rules and regulation may lead to suspension or expulsion from the college.
  3. Possession and consumption of any intoxicating substance inside the College campus is strictly prohibited.
  4. All power of maintenance of any intoxicating substance inside the college campus is strictly prohibited.
  5. A student is entrusted with the responsibility of producing his/her correspondence book to his/her parents/ guardians and return it to the authority in time.
  6. No transfer certificate will be issued before clearing of the tuition fees for the session.
  7. Guardians should ensure their wards’ regularly in participating in curricular and co-curricular activities of the college.
  8. A student must obtain permission from the principal ( from a Lecture under special circumstances) to leave the college campus during college hours.
  9. A student is not allowed to enter the college campus, class room & examination hall with Mobile phone.
  10. Students are not allowed to meet friends in college campus during college hours.
  11. College tests are compulsory for all students. A student is required to pay Rs.100.00 (Rupees one hundred) per paper as fine for a subject if he or she does not appear in the test concerned.
  12. Students without uniform will not allowed to attend classes and in examination hall.
  13. The course of absence must be informed to obtain permission from the Principal to attend classes after remaining absent for more than 3 days at stretch.
  14. The students will have to maintain high standard of discipline, good conduct and abide by rules and regulations of the college prescribed by the college authority.
  15. Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  16. Violation of college rules, damage of college property, discourtesy to teaching & non teaching staff in any form, adoption of unfair means in the examinations may lead to suspension or expulsion from the college.

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